System 7100
Introduction to the system

The ACO Sport System 7100 rubber capped kerbs can be used to mark out running tracks and areas for field events.

Many areas in stadiums and playing fields need to be marked out and safely edged. The rubber capped kerbs can be used to edge in situ concrete water jumps and jump sand pits and provide provide a soft, safe edge to reduce injury.image

The System 7100 cellular EPDM rubber top kerb provides a safe visual border between different sport surfaces such as between in-field turf and D areas .

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  • Polymer concrete kerb with EPDM synthetic rubber capped top
  • Solid anchoring into the surrounding concrete bed
  • Complete system includes 90 degree corner units


  • Can be used in children's play areas, sand pits, recreation grounds and school playing fields

Recommended applications

  • Children's play areas
  • Sand pits
  • School playfields
  • Water jumps

Not recommended applications

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