Introduction to the system

ACO Slimline is a discreet, one piece slot drainage system designed for light duty applications such as car parks, driveways, pavements and landscaped areas.

The channel system is manufactured from polymer concrete and has an integral intake slot. The absence of a separate grating ensures resistance to vandal damage and eliminates failures caused by loose gratings.image

ACO Slimline is lightweight in design, and is approximately 75% lighter than conventional concrete slot drains of similar strength making it easier to specify, stock and install.

The channel is available in 1000mm and 500mm lengths, so installations can be tailored with out cutting the channels.

An inspection unit is also available to facilitate cleaning, as well as special ACO Slimline sump unit.

The system is certified to BS EN 1433:2002 Load Class C 250.

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  • Discreet channel drainage system
  • Strong one-piece construction
  • Available in 1000mm and 500mm lengths
  • Range of accessories available
  • Flat top surface ideal for sports facilities and schools


  • Integral grating for added security
  • shallow installed depth saves time and money
  • Light and simple to install
  • Attractive appearance

Recommended applications

  • Landscaping
  • Residential developments
  • Schools
  • Sports and leisure

Not recommended applications

  • Car parking
  • Distribution yards
  • Industrial estates
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