Wildlife Kerb
Introduction to the system

ACO Wildlife Kerb is a kerb unit designed to provide a safe route around road gullies for amphibians on the move.

Amphibians naturally proceed along any vertical barrier they meet. In a road situation, this is a kerb line where it meets the road surface. When they encounter a gully pot where they is no gap between it and the vertical kerb face, they often fall in.image

ACO Wildlife Kerb is designed to counter this problem by providing a “bypass pocket” set into the kerb. When installed it is positioned so that the gully is in the middle of the Wildlife Kerb. Then when an amphibian arrives at the “bypass pocket” it naturally moves into the kerb and safely passes the gully.

ACO Wildlife kerb Manufactured from Vienite, ACO’s high strength recycled material.

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  • High strength wildlife kerb
  • "Bypass pocket” set into kerb to stop amphibians from falling into the road gully


  • Provides safe route around road gullies for amphibians on the move

Recommended applications

  • Access roads
  • Highways

Not recommended applications