Stop Grid SR 400 G
Introduction to the system

ACO Stop Grid SR 400 G is a two piece system which ensures amphibians and small animals are prevented from going onto the main roadway and are guided in safety to the next crossing.

In side roads and approach areas, ACO amphibian stop grids perform the function otherwise performed by guide fences. Amphibians moving along the ACO Fence towards the crossings, can follow the guidance system without interruption from lateral side roads and approach areas.image

Amphibians that do go onto side roads and approaches will fall through a specially designed grating and are then guided through to the next crossing.

When correctly arranged stop grids and guide fences form a continuous, unbroken system.

ACO Stop Grid is manufactured from reinforced concrete and uses cast iron edge rails and gratings. Pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles of all kinds, including heavy trucks, can use side roads and approaches without hindrance. The gratings are suitable for a loading in accordance with EN 1433 class D 400.

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  • Two piece channel and grating tunnel system
  • Prevents small animals from going onto the carriageway
  • Manufactured from reinforced concrete with cast iron edge rails and gratings


  • Directs small animals towards the amphibian tunnel entrance

Recommended applications

  • Areas identified for mitigation measures
  • Commercial developments
  • Highway developments
  • Nature conservation areas
  • Rail developments
  • Residential developments

Not recommended applications