Nest Boxes
Introduction to the system

ACO Nest Boxes are designed to be built into the cavity wall of any new building to provide roosting and nesting sites for wild birds.

Designed specifically for small birds, it provides a haven from predators such as crows, magpies etc.image

The ACO Nest Box is suitable for buildings constructed of standard size bricks. It occupies three courses in height and is a half brick in width. The front of the box is flush to the wall, with only a small section at the top protruding.

The ACO Nest Box is manufactured from strong, weather resistant polymer concrete.

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product gallery
product gallery


  • Nest box for small birds
  • Polymer concrete construction


  • Provide roosting and nesting sites for wild birds
  • Can be retro fitted

Recommended applications

  • Residential developments
  • Commercial developments

Not recommended applications