Guide Fence LEP100
Introduction to the system

ACO Guide Fence LEP 100 is polymer concrete fence that keeps small animals away from the road and directs them towards the amphibian tunnel entrance.

The ACO Guide Fence LEP 100 system comprises a basis element of 1m installed length and also additional curved and cambered elements of 0.5m installed length for optimumimage
adaptation to suit even problem terrain situations.

All requirements with respect to amphibian protection and road construction can be consistently fulfilled. Such requirements as positive guidance of animals, optimum safeguarding against animals climbing over, stability of the construction, ease of installation, optimum drainage characteristics, etc., are all taken care of by using a polymer concrete material.

The base plate suppresses vegetation next to the barrier that would otherwise provide an opportunity for amphibians to escape. This is a significant advantage over alternative fences where the ground has to be mowed regularly.

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  • Polymer concrete fencing system
  • Base plate suppresses vegetation next to the barrier


  • Directs small animals towards the amphibian tunnel entrance
  • Curved wall prevents animals climbing over the fence

Recommended applications

  • Areas identified for mitigation measures
  • Commercial developments
  • Highway developments
  • Nature conservation areas
  • Rail developments
  • Residential developments

Not recommended applications