Amphibian Blind Tunnel
Introduction to the system

The ACO Amphibian Tunnel (Blind) AT 500 is a one-piece tunnel system designed to protect amphibians during migration to their spawing grounds.

It has a closed top side and is installed near the surface within the road structure or verge. The system is manufactured from polymer concrete and is certified to BS EN 1433:2002 Load Class D400.image

The high load-bearing capability means it can be installed with a minimum depth of cover. The blind type AT 500 system is installed in areas adjacent to the roadway, e.g. verge areas. Special installation depths allow the elevation to be adjusted to the level of the terrain.

When properly planned and constructed, the system keeps the length of the crossing to a minimum and ensures uncomplicated entranceway areas at road gutter level and advantageous climatic conditions inside the tunnel. Optimum conditions are created in terms of both road construction and amphibian protection.

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product gallery


  • One-piece tunnel system designed to protect amphibians during migration
  • Closed top design
  • Manufactured from high strength polymer concrete
  • Certified for BS EN 1433: 2002 Load Class D400


  • Reduces length of road crossing for the amphibians
  • Low installation cost

Recommended applications

  • Access roads
  • Highways

Not recommended applications