System 7400
Introduction to the system

System 7400 is a range of sand traps for use around sport facilities such as long jump sand pits.

System 7400 is used to prevent sand being lost. The traps are also used to protect sand from spilling onto adjacent areas which might cause the track to become slippery or be damaged by abrasion.image

The base of the sand traps are manufactured from high strength polymer concrete with metal edges cast into the sides of the units. The metal edges provide ease of jointing the sand trap with the synthetic track surfaces.

The System 7400 sand traps are finished with a perforated cushion rubber mat.

Included in the base of the sand trap is a pre-formed drain outlet which can be used to provide drainage of this system.

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  • High strength polymer concrete sand trap
  • Cast in metal edges for improved strength and bonding between channels and surface materials
  • Sand traps are finished with a perforated cushion rubber mat


  • Provides effective collection of sand from areas such as long jump pits
  • Also provides surface water drainage of these areas
  • Can protect surrounding areas from becoming slippery or from being damaged by abrasion

Recommended applications

  • Long jumps
  • Sand pits

Not recommended applications

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