Introduction to the system

ACO LightPoint can enhance many professionally designed landscaping applications by providing efficient and illuminated drainage.

The central feature of the ACO LightPoint channel lighting system is a high quality ductile iron spotlight grating designed for use with the ACO MultiDrain MD or ACO MultiDrain PPD channel drainage systems.image

A single LED spotlight with stainless steel surround is installed in the 500mm ductile iron grating. A choice of white or blue spotlights is available as standard. Where different colour combinations are required, RGB LED lighting control technology is available on request. This can be used to provide lighting in colours of your own choice, or to control a lighting system which changes colour according to a sequence you define.

To provide optimum lighting and drainage options, ACO LightPoint channels and gratings are available in two widths, 100mm and 200mm. Each ACO LightPoint grating also comes complete with ACO Drainlock, a boltless fastening system for speedy installation.

The high performance LED spotlights are sealed against the ingress of water and offer long working life of approx 100,000 hours. During this time the intensity of the light remains constant. The nominal voltage of the system is 28V DC and each LED spotlight is rated at 0.6W.

The LED spotlight comes complete with a cable tail and watertight connection, and meets IP 67 protection class. Up to eighteen ACO LightPoint spotlights can be connected together and operated from a single 28V transformer.

LED spotlights, gratings and channel components are sold individually to provide a wide choice of product combinations. Two ACO LightPoint kits provide a range of electrical accessories which allow you to complete or extend the installation.

The use of different gratings means that the system is versatile and can be designed to meet many different lighting configurations. For example, a standard 500mm D 400 ductile iron grating can be used to extend the distance between individual LED spotlights. All gratings within this system are finished with a high quality KTL coating.

The ACO LightPoint lighting system is certified to BS EN 1433:2002 Load Class D 400*.

*Not suitable for carriageways of public roads or motorways

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  • ACO LightPoint available in 100mm and 200mm widths, enabling efficient hydraulic drainage design
  • Choice of white or blue spotlights
  • One spotlight per 500mm grating
  • Each ACO LightPoint grating comes complete with a watertight cable connection (IP67)
  • ACO Drainlock gratings – this bar-less locking device improves hydraulic capacity and provides quick and simple installation of gratings
  • Grating manufactured from high strength ductile iron with 12mm slots
  • V shaped channel bore improves speed of water flow and promotes self cleansing
  • Sealant groove for simple watertight installations
  • Male and female channel connections to aid fast installation
  • Anti-shunt feature prevents grating movement once installed
  • Channel CE marked and certified to BS EN 1433:2002 Load Class D 400. Not suitable for carriageways of public roads or motorways


  • Attractive combined lighting and drainage system for external applications
  • Can enhance and add definition to many public or private areas
  • Economical and efficient surface water drainage
  • RGB LED lighting control technology available on request
  • Choice of channel and grating widths and channel depths
  • Simple yet versatile system design
  • Up to 18 LED spotlights per transformer

Recommended applications

  • Courtyards and piazzas
  • High profile landscaped areas
  • Sports and leisure facilities
  • Pedestrian precincts
  • Private and public parking areas
  • Public and commercial buildings

Not recommended applications

  • Areas with fast moving vehicles
  • Carriageways of public roads
  • Motorways
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