RainDrain Pro
Introduction to the system

ACO RainDrain Pro is a lightweight channel drainage system designed for light to medium duty traffic applications.

The 1m channel is manufactured from Vienite, ACO’s high strength recycled polymer concrete unit and is fitted with UltraSTEEL galvanised edge rails. The assembly is completed with Heelguard ductile iron gratings fitted with ACO’s advanced boltless locking method – ACO Drainlock.image

Accessories available include a sump and gully unit to provide connection to underground drainage networks, foul air trap and universal endcap for closing or outlet connection to Ø110mm U-PVC pipes.

The system is CE marked and fully certified to BS EN 1433: 2002 from Load Class B 125 up to and including Load Class C 250, making the system ideal for pedestrian precincts, light vehicles, private car parks and slow moving commercial vehicle applications.

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  • Strong and light weight polymer concrete design improves stability and anchors products into concrete surround
  • Protective UltraSTEEL galvanised edge rails for improved strength and bonding between channel and surface materials
  • Profile improves speed of water and promotes self cleansing
  • Male and female channel connections to aid accurate installation
  • Knock-out for connection to Ø110mm and Ø160mm U-PVC pipe and sump via vertical outlet connectors
  • Sealant groove for simple watertight installations
  • ACO Drainlock grating – this bar-less locking device improves hydraulic capacity and provides for quick and simple installation of grating
  • Anti-shunt features prevent grating movement once installed
  • Fully certified and CE marked to Load Class B 125 / C 250 BS EN 1433:2002


  • Provides effective drainage solution for light to medium duty traffic applications
  • Strong and robust channel design
  • Heelguard grating suitable for pedestrian traffic
  • Outlet available by gullies, sumps or channel knockout
  • Light weight for easy installation

Recommended applications

  • Commercial developments
  • Light industrial units
  • Pedestrian precincts
  • Private and public parking
  • Residential developments
  • Schools

Not recommended applications

  • Industrial estates
  • Distribution yards
  • Highways

Product Name

RainDrain Pro


Channel with Heelguard ductile iron grating

Product Code


Dimensions overall (mm)

1000 (L) x 115 (W) x 175 (D)

Weight (kg)



Channel made from Vienite polymer concrete


500mm ductile iron grating , end cap, outlet connectors, foul air traps, sump unit

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  • Vienite - Recycled material