ACO launches Q-Ceptor range of bypass and full retention oil separators
Posted 14/5/2010

The four sizes of ACO Q-Ceptor provide the capacity range to cover the vast majority of rainfall events in the UK, and both bypass and full retention options can be set to deliver either Class 1 (≤5mg/litre of oil) or Class 2 (≤100mg/litre of oil) discharge performance. The entire ACO Q-Ceptor range is independently certified to BS EN 858-1 and BS EN 858-2 and, as an Environment Agency verified manufacturer, all ACO separators meet the requirements of the Agency’s Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG3).

imageManufactured from durable polyethylene, the ACO Q-Ceptor chamber is extremely robust and, unlike traditional GRP separators, requires only minimal protection during transportation and installation. The internal structure of the chamber allows its high performance coalescing filter (required for Class 1 discharge) to be positioned at a level well above the silt settlement zone. This reduces any risk of the filter becoming clogged, ensures long-term optimum discharge performance and allows easy access to the filter during routine maintenance.

“Our objective with the ACO Q-Ceptor was to develop a new separator concept that would overcome the drawbacks of conventional systems. Being extremely rugged it is less prone to damage and therefore more compatible with normal site operations, and its small footprint makes for a quicker, more straightforward and less expensive installation,” says Rob King, Product Manager at ACO Water Management. “The units are sized to cover the vast majority of situations where oil or fuel contamination is likely - car parks, industrial and vehicle maintenance areas for example - and deliver an extended discharge performance that far exceeds the minimum requirements of Class 1 and 2.”

In line with the requirements of BS EN 858 and the Environment Agency, all ACO Q-Ceptors are available with a full range of visual and audible alarm systems. These continuously monitor the critical operating conditions within the separator and give sufficient warning to prevent any pollutant discharge into the environment. An optional sampling pump can also be fitted within the separator which avoids the additional expense of installing a remote secondary chamber to monitor discharge quality.

To ensure reliable performance all oil separators require regular maintenance and servicing. Through its service partners, who work closely with the UK Environment Agencies, ACO is able to offer nationwide maintenance and servicing programmes, waste disposal, inspection, testing and full installation and commissioning of oil separators and alarms.

A new brochure that explains the full benefits, breadth of applications and maintenance support services offered across the ACO Q-Ceptor range is now available either directly from ACO Water Management or via the ACO website, ACO’s Water Management Design Services team can also provide full technical support for any surface water management project – from realising initial design concepts through to direct liaison with site teams during installation. Both the Water Management Design Services and ACO Sales Support teams can be contacted on 01462 816666.

Charlotte Lloyd
Marketing Department
T: 01462 816666