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Frequently asked questions

Can I buy products direct from ACO?
ACO Water Management products are mainly sold through a builders merchant. To find a local stockist of an ACO product, use the stockist location tool which can be found on the left hand side of the screen.

Select the product your require from the drop down list and enter your postcode. You will then be provided with a list of local stockists with your area.

ACO strongly recommends that you contact the supplier to ensure they have stock of the product you require.

ACO Building Drainage products are also sold through a builders merchant but where nessecary can be purchased direct.

How do I find out the dimensions of a product?
There are many different ACO systems available. Once selection has been made, please visit the correct product page and download the main brochure.

Product codes, dimensions and installations details are all provided within this literature.

I have a broken grating, can it be replaced?
In most cases, the grating should be able to be replaced. But this will depend on the age of the product range and whether it is still available from ACO.

Firstly we need to identify exactly which grating you have. In order for the ACO Water Management Design Services Team to do this, you should provide as much information as you can. If possible please supply answers to the following questions:

1. What is the overall grating width?
2. Is “ACO” marked on the grating?
3. Are there any further markings on the grating?
4. What type of fixing and how many fixings are provided per half metre?

Providing a photo would also assist with this type of enquiry. Please send images along with answers to the above questions to File size should not exceed 5Mb.

What Load Class do I require?
The answer to this question is dependent on where the drainage system will be used. There are six load classes recognised in BS EN 1433:2002.

A 15 - Pedestrian, cycleways & domestic drives

B 125 - Pedestrian precincts, light vehicles, private car parks & drives

C 250 - Parking areas, service stations (cars) & slow-moving light commmercial vehicles

D 400 - Parking areas for all vehicle types

E 600 - Industrial areas, heavy wheel loads, slow-moving HGV’s & forklifts, service stations

F 900 - Airport runways, very heavy industrial & military installations, service yards & lorry parks

Which products are suitable for use with level access thresholds?
Many ACO channels are suitable for level thresholds and are Part M compliant. ACO recommend systems such as ACO MultiDrain PPD, ACO MultiDrain MD or ACO ParkDrain are used for public thresholds where security of the gratings needs to be taken into account.

These systems are all available with “Heelguard” gratings which limit the possibility of stiletto heels being caught.

Do I need a sump / universal gully?
This is dependent on the requirements for sediment collection or a foul air trap. If either of these are required then a sump or gully is necessary. If not, you can use any of the other outlet options available. The ACO Universal Gully (product code 33601) has a roddable foul air trap built into the side of the unit. Note that the hydraulic capacity of end outlets and bottom outlets will be much less than the capacity of a sump or gully.

Is there a regulation regarding “Heelguard”?
No. “Heelguard” is name created by ACO for gratings where the slot width is around 8mm. The standard for surface water drainage BS EN 1433:2002, states that the maximum slot width in most pedestrian situations is 10 - 18mm.

How many outlets are required in a run?
This depends entirely on the length of channel and the catchment area expected. For help on this matter or if a specific hydraulic calculation is required, please contact the ACO Water Management Design Services Team on 01462 816666.

Are ACO channels self cleansing?
Not entirely, but the V shaped channel bore improves speed of water flow and promotes a degree of self cleansing. If there is a significant ground slope, for instance in excess of 2%, self cleansing could be achieved. We recommend any channel system is cleaned at least once a year to ensure optimum performance.

I need technical advice. Who do I talk to?
The ACO Water Management Design Services Team can provide advice on the specification, hydraulic design or installation of any ACO product. You can contact the team in a number of ways:

1. Submit an enquiry using the form opposite
2. Call the team on 01462 816666
3. Email the team at

I require pricing. Who do I talk to?
Initial enquires are handled by our ACO Water Management Sales Team. Please call 01462 816666 or email

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